Lillian Muli remains defiant in the face of social media harassment

Lillian Muli has vowed multiple times that she is not shaken by the hate on social media. The Citizen TV anchor says she will not join the list of media personality quitting social media due to negativity.

Lillian has grown thick skin over time following years of criticisms. The mother of one has come out to strongly condemn online trolls.

Lillian Muli
I won’t quit

Lillian send a warning to cyber bullies who are taking her silence for weakness. The Citizen TV says she won’t be cowed into quitting social media like some celebs.

She was talking about media personalities who opted to quit social media altogether to avoid negativity. Lillian asserts that she will take the bull by the horn.

“Usione simba amenyeshewa ukadhani ni paka. It’s sad that many people I know in this industry opt out of social media coz they just can’t stand the negativity. I however won’t stop and certainly won’t quit Love me or not I’m here to stay,” wrote Lillian Muli.


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