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List Of Celebrity Couples Who Have Broken Up This Year

December 10, 2022 at 12:17
List Of Celebrity Couples Who Have Broken Up This Year

One of the biggest challenges celebrities continue to face is keeping their relationships private and when things go south, they have to face the reality and open up to their fans about it.

The breakup for many reasons which we may not know as fans, but again they have to give us an explanation of why it had to happen.

Some celebrities have however, managed to cosset their relationship for long. But for some, it’s a challenge that they haven’t been able to finish.

Amber Ray and Kabba

Controversial socialite Amber Ray is currently dating a third man since 2022 started and she seems to be happy. The socialite dated Sierra Leonean basketballer Kabba for two months before breaking up and hooked up with businessman Kennedy Rapudo. The two are currently engaged and looking forward to get married. Truth is, Amber Ray is unpredictable and might end up dumping him.

Arrow Boy and Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami Insists Arrow Bwoy is her Lover - Nairobi Wire

Nadia and Arrow’s break-up story is being linked to clout. The two lovebirds already sired a kid together; and shortly afterwards, Nadia announced that they’re no longer together.

Zari and GK Choppa

Zari on GK Choppa 'relationship': If it ends in tears, they're not your  tears

The relationship between Zari and GK Choppa barely lasted 3 months. The two were enamored of each other before Zari fueled the break-up speculations. Zari replaced him in a matter of weeks. She’s currently dating a toy-boy monikered Shakib.

Sean Preezy and Cindy


Sean confirmed that he’s no longer with Cindy after sharing a blank black page with no caption; with Big Sean’s hit song, “Single Again.” Sean further shared on his Instagram stories,”Change is inevitable, growth is an option.”

Sean Preezy hints he's broken up with Cindy K




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