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Living a lie: Why Zari is being bashed on social media

July 21, 2020 at 08:06
Zari cover

Zari Hassan has once more found herself the topic of conversation on social media and this time, an entire bunch of women have decided to talk about Zari and it got so over the top till she decided to address the haters.

“Mend your relationships with your baby daddies!” Zari Hassan mocks bitter baby mamas

The content of conversation started around the fact that Zari Hassan got Diamond Platnumz to buy her a Bentley. The first reason why this is such a problem is that when Zari first starting talking about diamond Platnumz after her split from the superstar lothario, she alleged that he had left her high and dry in South Africa, doing everything possible for the children.


Turns out that was a lie. Zari was living in Diamond’s house all along and he had been sending money for his two children’s upkeep. However, due to the fact that they had some sort of an altercation, the child support reportedly stopped. So then we were treated to the biggest fiasco that Zari Hassan would like us to forget about: King Bae.

Sad! Zari Hassan emotionally opens up on being subjected to an abusive marriage

King Bae was a really pathetic attempt at proving to the world that Zari has moved on from her broken heart following the fact that diamond made it very clear he was done with her. We were treated to all manner of teases and silhouettes that were all different but the assumption was that we are too stupid to tell the difference.


And that is why East Africans are unhappy with Zari. We have been treated to one fake stunt after another. And the real worst part of all of it is the fact that it was unnecessary. Zari already had East Africans eating out of her hands.

Zari Hassan should write a female dating strategy guide

Zari had the sympathy of everyone who saw that Diamond was really a toxic partner. But she somehow managed to push people away from her with her stunts but also with the fact that she always seemed to have something bad to say about Diamond Platnumz.


And now that she is back on good terms with him, she has decided to mock his other baby mamas and that is something that seems to have triggered a lot of single mothers and fans of said women. And the fact that Zari was also a champion of degrading one’s relationship with their co-parents is something not lost on anyone and it only serves to antagonize the same women who swallowed her advice and actions hook line and sinker.

Asante Baba Tee (Tiffah for the Top Up. Ikikuhusu/to whom it may concern. Mambo ya top imeleta balaa. Top up ni mchango. Sio ati kanilipia zote ama kaninunulia. It’s a contribution/ mchango. Kwani kuna ubaya gani? Mnatokwa makamusi yanin? Luga ndo tatizo, ama akili zenu ndogo. Isiumizwe na maisha ya mtu. We all have 24hours, use them wisely or mend your baby daddy relationships uhongwe at aka vitz,”

Anyway, one thing that cannot be said about Zari is that she is spineless. She has been fighting back against the haters and it is making for an interesting watch.

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