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Local TV shows that still keep kenyans glued to their TV sets

December 15, 2022 at 17:19
Local TV shows that still keep kenyans glued to their TV sets

The flim industry continues to grow thanks to the creative producers and writers behind the shows….and of course the actors who deliver their roles as expected.

A few years back shows like Tahidi High, Viola Mahakami and Vitimbi entertained many and as time changed, we got the likes of Njugush, Abel Mutua, Catherine Kamau, Jackie Matubia among others change the game; and now we have enough shows to keep kenyans entertained despite the stiff competition from foreign films. We have

Njoro wa Uba

This has been ranked among the best shows in Kenya since many relate to the kind of life Njoro lives. Its creative, educative and above all entertaining.


Although the show is no longer recording for more episodes, I want to believe there are people who still rewatch it from time to time. This is because Selina changed the game by delivering a soap like series where a maid falls in love with the boss’s son and although their love is forbidden – they still had their happy ever after facing many challenges.


Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

This show will never get old for most 90’s babies. It not only brought back childhood memories but was educative in its own way, making us appreciate our parents and what they did to put food on our tables.

Churchill show

Being the only show that shaped most of our comedians careers, Churchill is undeniably one of the few shows kenyans keep up with. Thanks to it’s unique content, the show remains alive for years now and hopefully will continue in future since there is a new upcoming generation with so much to offer.


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