Lokole is being crucified for saying the truth about fat Zari

Diamond Platnumz cum WCB photographer Lokole is currently being criticized for having the balls to speak the truth and reveal that Zari Hassan is actually fatter than her photos show her to be. This statement has angered all the body positivity and fat celebrities and their fans.

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The reason for this is because truth is treason in the empire of lies. And Lokole has dared to speak against the cult of the feminine mystique. That is the only reason why when he says the truth about Zari doctoring photos, a truth that we can see by simply applying the eye test, he gets berated.

Zari and Lokole
Zari hanging out with Lokole

Rather than berate Zari for selling a false image of herself and basing her brand on a lie, she is praised. Yet this is the epitome of selling false body goals and skewing falsehoods of the female form. But there is yet another reason for this nonsense: East African women do not like putting in the effort required to achieve their goal.

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And Lokole pointing out this fact held up a mirror to this truth and East African women are livid he dared to remind them about their shortcoming. After all, even science has proven and reiterated the fact that healthy at all sizes is garbage.

Juma Lokole has a track record of being a double-speaking snake

And to make matters worse, Lokole went on to say the truth that fat women aren’t attractive to their men. And he used Zari’s case to demonstrate how Diamond would understandably not find Zari attractive especially when you take into account the fact that he has an abundance of beauties around him.

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Perhaps, an argument can be made about the fact that he could have said things in a better way. Maybe he took too much pleasure in his statement but the fact that remains supreme is that he was not lying. Zari is fat and arguably one of the biggest problems that led to her breakup with Diamond is her size.

Zari’s body weight is controlled by photoshop

That does not absolve Diamond from the fact that he is a poon hound. That does not excuse Mondi for allowing his toxic mother to have a say in his relationships but it also doesn’t excuse Zari’s lack of impulse control not the fact that she demands her photographers edit her photos. And Lokole is right about the way weight gain negatively impacts relationships.

Zari Hassan’s second born son comes out, declares he is gay! (Screenshot)

A woman should strive to remain attractive to her husband/ boyfriend. Attraction is a major factor to the quality and longevity of relationships and when the woman gains weight and her man loses his attraction, Lokole is right that life will happen and the man might be swayed.

Diamond and Zari
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Is it fair? Life doesn’t care. Is Lokole wrong? Only to sensitive women who know they have a reason to be upset at the truth.

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