This is what Lord Macaulay reported back to Britain after visiting Kenya and Africa for the first time….You will well up in tears after seeing how we have degraded as a Nation

It is just unfortunate seeing how White Colonialists erased our history, degraded our culture and reduced us to helpless beggars as we sat down and watched.

As evidenced by an excerpt that is currently trending online, British Historian and Politician Lord Macaulay made his first report on Africa when he came to Africa for the first time and it’s the exact opposite of the continent we inhabit now.

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It was a beautiful country full of abundance and resources, good people and great culture but somehow we were ingrained to hate and despise our own and embrace what is foreign and indeed that was the beginning of all our problems.

Check out this excerpt and well up in tears, I know I have:

Lord Macaulay

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