Is this the luxurious car Truphena from The Real House helps of Kawagware drives?

Image: Truphena

So far we are all aware that comedians and actors are paid pretty much well. If you doubt then allow me to change your mentality. Well, looking at most of them you will notice that they live some lavish lifestyle and of course some also drive some good cars.

Well, seems like Truphena who is popularly known from TRHK is among these well paid actors. I bumped into a photo of her posing in front of a white car that has left many speculating whether it is hers. She however did not caption her photo in a way that would confirm that she is the owner….but hey it wouldn’t have hurt to do so.

Though many pose in front of fancy cars, I cannot say that this was just a stunt from the actress but oh well who know, right? However if it is her car then I guess acting is a career most of us should look into since it seems to pay well. Checkout the photo below:


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