Lyrics Vs Beats, what makes a song stand out?

Different people have different perception of music. Put simply, what works for you might not go down well with the next person. It’s just what it is.

For instance, when I listen to a song, I’m always keen on the rhymes and wordplay. I want to see how creative and artist is. I want to understand their thought process.

However, a good majority just need a good beat to enjoy a song. In most cases, they don’t even give a hoot about the lyrics so long as the song is dance-able.

Like I said, people are different and that’s why I want to find out what makes a song catchy for you, is it the beat or the lyrics? Or is it both?

Keri Hilson does the Odi Dance

At times, when you listen to a song for the very first time, you think it’s terrible but when you play it again you realize it’s a masterpiece.

Admittedly, the two i.e. the beat and lyrics have to go hand and that’s why when you listen to a song for the second or third time, it slaps really hard.

But the truth is one has to supersede the the other, it’s either you resonate with the beat or the lyrics. You have to pick a side.

As such, we would like to know what will get you hooked on a song, is it the beat or the lyrics? Tell us below.

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