M-Pesa Attendant Robbed of Sh200,000 in Siaya

In a brazen robbery, a gang of three assailants has stolen Sh200,000 from an M-Pesa attendant in Ukwala, Siaya County. The incident occurred on Wednesday night as the victim, who has not been identified, was riding home from his M-Pesa shop.

According to police reports, the victim was trailed by the gang on another motorcycle from the Ukwala shopping center to Uwai village. As he approached his home, the gang attacked him from behind, causing him to lose control of his motorcycle and fall into a ditch.

The attackers, who seemed to be aware of the victim’s possession of the cash, grabbed the Sh200,000, along with his motorcycle and a bag containing personal valuables. They then fled the scene, leaving the injured victim behind.

The victim was rushed to Ukwala Matibabu Hospital, where he was treated and discharged in fair condition. Police have launched a manhunt for the suspects and are currently investigating the incident.

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