Machachari’s Baha on appreciating his father more, now that he is a new dad

It’s been almost 2 months since Baha and girlfriend Georgina Njenga welcomed their first child. With this blessing, the couple feel bonded for life – which is true – and according to Tyler Mbaya (Baha) it has also helped improve his feelings towards his late dad.

Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

The young man made this known a few days while celebrating Father’s Day, something many may have not expected – judging from what we’ve heard about him.

Let me rewind for those in the dark. From what we know is that Baha’s dad had been living in the States before he was deported in 2011. With the long distance – of course the dad was absent in his sons lives and now that he was back nothing, he couldn’t support them.


Baha appreciates his dad

After the death of their mum (Wanade) in 2013 – Baba was then left with the responsibility of looking after his brother and dad since he couldn’t find a job in his 50’s.

Of course this must have been a bitter experience and since both him and brother were still underage – they must have wondered why it’s they are the one to support their dad. It happens.

Anyway 7 years later Baha now understands what it is to be a father and why now more than ever he appreciates and loves his late dad. Like I said, it’s not easy but time heals all wounds right?

To celebrate his father of Father’s Day the new dad in town shared a never seen before of his old man to which he captioned;

Mzimbiting rasmi???????? Being a Father is such a priceless gift???????? I love you Dad now more than ever!❤️ Happy Fathers day to all proud fathers Outchea✊????

Baha’s late dad

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