Madini Classic Responds To Online Trolls On His New Relationship With Pritty Vishy

Madini Classic has already inherited a chick from Mihadarati¬†hitmaker Stivo Simple Boy after a short period of them dating. And we must admit, Pritty has become more pretty than ever before. The two have confirmed that they’re indeed dating. And none of them have been showing hints on giving up on each other.

What has flabbergasted most fans is the fact that Pritty moved from an upcoming artist to an established one in the nick of time. The YouTuber has been on the limelight more than often recently for her new relationship with the artist. And she’s not hiding the fact that she has found a new guy to warm her bed.

During a recent interview, the two sweethearts bashed stereotypes who claimed that they’re not good enough for each other.

”Mtu aki date mtu isionekane kwamba amechukua ex wa mtu… Mi mwenyewe nishai kuachwa na najua mtu aliniacha akona mtu ambaye sio maarufu. Ni kawaida sana. Watu wana picture kitu kwa akili kwamba unaishi maisha yako umewekwa. Lakini kitu kizuri ni kwamba sio wewe umenieka. Kama umeona umeekwa ni kitu kizuri, enjoy man.

Despite beeing enamored of each other, there’s still doubt on whether the two will hold on to each other for a while or they’ll give up after a short while.

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