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Madtraxx releases ditches Kansoul for his new song Ding’oing’o (VIDEO)

April 21, 2020 at 12:40

Madtraxx is currently suffering the effects of Coronavirus self-quarantine as he is confined to his house to try and do his part to flatten the curve. This hasn’t stopped him, however, as he has decided to release a solo project seeing as he cannot work with his group Kansoul while he is under self-quarantine. He has chomoad a song that talks about his struggles during his quarantine and the fact that his Arimis is helping him get through these trying times.

Madtraxx and The Kansoul

The Kansoul

Madtraxx is back with ‘Maximum’ and it’s a banger (Audio)

The video is a hilarious one as it features him watching different thirst trap videos on IG of lasses shaking their ding’oing’o and he chronicles what he has to do as a married man to enjoy some alone time.
At one point his kids walk in on him enjoying the videos and he scrambles to hide the content he is watching. We don’t get to find out whether or not they snitch on him but soon enough, his real-life wife comes in and busts him watching twerk videos.

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The video is age-restricted and was created by Magnum. Madtraxx himself has a studio and record label so he was probably fidgeting alone at home and he decided to cook something up in the studio and this was the result.



His bandmate, Mejja has been flying on a high wave after he and Femi One released the jam Utawezana and Madtraxx, not to be outdone, decided to release this one.

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