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Maembe ya msimu? Amber Ray allegedly dumped by Somali sponsor, Jimal

July 21, 2021 at 10:45
Maembe ya msimu? Amber Ray allegedly dumped by Somali sponsor, Jimal

We have been made to believe that socialite Amber Ray is back to the streets; after Jimal Rohosafi decided to go back to his first family.

This was revealed by a close source who reached out to Edgar; for the new fresh tea in town. Apparently Jimal walked out on the lady who can’t seem to listen or rather obey her husband.

From the post, we are made to believe that Jimal got tired of Amber Ray’s dress code; and  ratchet ways…remember the pillow grinding video? Yes, even that one!

And being a Muslim man, of course there are things Jimal wouldn’t want his wives exposing on social media; but Amber Ray ni nani?

Amber Ray returns to the streets

As seen on a screenshot shared by Edgar, his informer went on to write;

Edgar! Truly mangoes are seasonal🤣 Jamal dumped demakuku and went back to his wife Amira. Damahens has been begging Jamal not to leave her but he blocked her kila mahali. She is trying to reach him through his friends but akijua ni demakuku anakata simu.

The informer went on to add;

Jamal himself permanently deleted his Instagram account. He is literally begging his wife Amira to forgive him. 🤣 He is catching up with his sons, Earth is very very hard. My ID should not be anywhere near this planet if you ever post.

Amber allegedly dumped

Well, the math doesn’t really add up if you ask me; and chances are that this could be a PR stunt to help clean up after Jimal’s mistakes of publicly embarrassing his first wife.

Something about the whole sudden change of mind doesn’t really make sense; but again, Jimal and Amber Ray live for clout – so who knows!


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