Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

Magix Enga is back with a super banger dubbed Yoyo. The singer cum producer has adopted a new style in his new jam. Known for his Gengetone style, he is now back with a more sensible style.

It is a sweet thing that Magix Enga has distanced himself slightly with the obvious mediocre. In this YoYo song, he has done it in English. It is for sure that this is one of the best tracks he has ever done.

To start with, the video is very lit and nothing like any of his other works. This is when we get to sayMagix Enga to the world.

At least he can now stand and compete with other artistes. As much as he is talking about love, YoYo is not an ordinary piece of work. This is new to many am so sure.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

YoYo is a song that bears a very coded message

It is now time we get to understand the lyrics of the YoYo song. Being a producer and a write, he is with no doubt a great talent. I can only imagine how he crafted these sweet lyrics.

“Tell me what you want do to me Tell me what you want do to me Coz everytime you coming closer You making me fall for you Girl you making me fall for you aah eeh,” reads stanza one.

In this first stanza, Mafix Enga features this girl who has driving a guy closer. If this is not love, then I do not know what it is.

“Ooh beiby come slow¬† Nataka nikuonjeshe mhogo Ah kisha twende kwenye keja nikapige show Ujue Enga sio ligi ndogo,” reads stanza three.

This stanza is disgusting as Magix Enga features this girl as a sexual being. He is talking of having sex so that the girl can prove his d*** is not small.

Anyway, it is a good one compared to Magix Enga’s other work. In conclusion, Yoyo gets a rating of 5/10.

Video below.


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