Magix Enga brings ‘Bami’ with Khaligraph Jones


Magix Enga together wwith Khaligraph Jones brings you Bami. This song is just a great with two big names. The OG is really doing great. Magix Enga known for his good production skills merges with Papa Jones after their last jam Shida last year.

It is not often that we get to see a collaboration between a producer and a musician. Khaligraph Jones and Magix Enga have proved something new.

Much is knownon what Khaligraph can do music wise but very little on Magix Enga as a musician.

Magix Enga on Bami

Bami is a very good jam ad the only way to weigh strengths of the duo is to get the message of this jam. The collab is Magix Enga’s first official single and music video under his new record label, Magix Empire.

The talented producer is behind the audio production of Bami while the video is shot and directed by Deska Torres. Khaligraph has rapped in Luo in this jam making the comment section on youtube lit.

Message in ‘Bami’

Ayiech Malich, Mkono Nika Za Bolo Yeung Kwala combi ya Nikki na Amber Lulu(Iyee) Naeza mchongea miti ka Shaka Zulu Navile anaongea fiti inakaa anaotea quickie Apo ukingojea Missy inakuwanga nduru(haha). Even though I am not conversant with Dholuo, I can atleast say he is comparing the girl with Mbolo Yeung and Amber Lulu. Quite funny!!
Khaligraph Jones on Bami

Also in this line he describes the woman like one in need of a person to invest in her. Vile umejibeba, inakaa unataka investor Vile unapendeza, chupa ka Vydia Dester Miniskirt ya leather, kibenje Gucci texture Sifa kwa Ebenezer juu ya vile unatutesa(Omollo). Seems like this girl is very expensive it is all a designer deal.

Lastly, the chorus will capture your attention. It goes like this; Oooh beiby gyal Stand up and whine your waist With your big bami whine your waist (Oooh yeah). I tend to think that Bami means Booty.

In conclusion, Magix Enga and Khaligraph Jones get a rating of 7/10 on Bami.

Below is a link to Bami.



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