Magix Enga Explains Why He Had To Quit Drugs, Shave Signature Dreadlocks (Video)

Music producer Magix Enga has decided to turn over a new leaf after several years of being on the limelight for his sumptuous lifestyle in showbiz. The renowned producer cum musician, recently divulged in an interview with Mungai Eve how he has transformed; from shaving off his signature dreads, to quitting drugs.

Magix Resolution

Magix Enga

His main reason for shaving and quitting drugs, he claims, is to inspire youngins who are upcoming in the entertainment industry, and look descent.

”Ilibidi ninyoe, nikaachana na mihadarati (I had to shave and quit drugs)…

Magix Enga claims he succumbed to peer pressure and regrets getting numerous tattoos.

”Ni peer pressure. Nilijipata kwa peer pressure nikachora ma tattoo, nikaeka ma dredi, nikanyoa.”

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No More Clout

Some months back, the musician was trending for purporting he was conglomerated in the infamous illuminati group; which all turned out to be a hoax. He reveals that most of the interviews he did while drunk or under drugs.

”Most of the interviews zenye nilifanya hio time, nilikuwa mlevi kiasi, ama niko jaba… Ata ukiskia venye naongea kwa izo interview, nashout sana. Alafu sasa kuna presenter kama Ali anakutafuta ukiwa mlevi anaku- interview ndio at least apate views. Hiyo ilikuwa peer pressure na ujinga mingi. Hakunanga kitu kama hiyo.”

Watch Magix Enga’s full interview below;


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