Magix Enga is going down the Suge Knight route and it’ll kill his dreams

Magix Enga has been on the spot the last couple of days as he has come under a torrent of accusations of mismanagement and heavy-handedness. Several artists signed to the producer (who we have to acknowledge is an amazing producer) have come out to blast him for heavy-handedness and fellow producer, VDJ Jones even came out to accuse Magix Enga of messing up his artists with his aggressive negotiation tactics.

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You see, a video surfaced of a young artist called Rudra Kartel came out to point out the fact that though he had approached Magix Enga to work together with him, he was uncomfortable with his overzealous handing out of slave contracts even to minors who legally cannot enter into contracts.

Magix Enga

So why is Magix Enga doing this?

The only reason for him to be as hard-headed as he is when it comes to working with artists is that he is trying to build his empire but doing so as he compares himself to his peers. Magix Enga is a highly rated producer with a slew of hits beneath his belt. he has done it all as a collaborative artist aswell as a producer and musician. He is in a rush to beat his peers which has caused him to run his sprint as he constantly looks to the left and right lane to compare himself with other producers who own and run record labels.
Is you ask me, what led to this change in character was the time when he and Harmonize got into it as he was accusing the Tanzanian of stealing his instrumentals for the song Uno.

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When that beef erupted, it soon became a prick measuring contest as Magix Enga got called out for clout chasing as he tried to build a name for himself off Harmonize’s back. And he was accused of being broke et cetera which led Magix Enga to announce that Harmonize couldn’t afford to fuel his cars… No one cared about what material possessions each owned but this statement by Magix Enga raised eyebrows at it didn’t fit into the frame and context of their dispute.

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Once Magix Enga had made that statement, he tricked his mind into believing he had to prove a point to everyone. And so he adopted a “me against the world” persecuted mental schema. And so he approaches every situation with that level of hostility -“it is me against you.”

Magix Enga

And this attitude is reminiscent of Suge Knight. The young lad is too young to know who that is or why he is hurtling down Suge’s path but for those of us who understand, we remember Deathrow Records. It was one of the biggest record labels of all time. It was the record label that gave us Snoop Dogg, Tupac (during his gangsta run), Dr Dre (post NWA), Kurupt and Nate Dogg just to name a few.
While it was having a strong run, Suge Knight took his business down a dark path, even going as far as orchestrating and pushing for unnecessary beef.

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But the worst of it is that he was heavy-handed and mismanaged his artists. He was stiffing them on their cheque and would physically fight them whenever they raised issues. While Magix Enga hasn’t been accused of stealing from his artists, he has fallen into the same trap that caught Suge, ego.
And it is this very ego that will be his downfall because as more artists express their frustrations at working with him, Magix Enga will find that many artists will shy away from signing with his label, preferring to buy his instrumentals and be done with him.

And ultimately, he has to decide whether his ego is worth sacrificing his dreams and ambitions for.

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