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Magix Enga might be undergoing a mental breakdown

December 20, 2022 at 20:09
Magix Enga might be undergoing a mental breakdown

Magix Enga has been in the headlines of late and it’s due to the fact that he is looking dishevelled and quite frankly drug-addled. This follows a rather sharp and precipitous fall from grace from the ones most sought-after music producer in Kenya to someone who would constantly lash out both on social media and in real life.

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We saw his talent literally fade before our eyes as the once-promising producer began to abuse alcohol and drugs to the extent that it took a toll on his talent and even his social capital are some of the Artists he had previously worked with give him a wide berth.

Magix Enga

It has been a rather sad movie that we have watch play out right in front of our eyes as he suffered breakdown after breakdown with the first symptom being him shaving his dreadlocks off, when he making ludicrous statements on his social media accusing artists of being members of prescribed and conspiratory secret societies. Magix Enga I truly lost it.

Someone needs to check up on Magix Enga and set him straight

The first thing to follow his sanity was his money and the material possessions he used to take so much pride in. He quickly relocated to his ancestral home in Nakuru where he took some time away from the public eye and attempted to rehabilitate himself off the substances he was abusing.

Beat King Magix Enga

Magix Enga then came back in a big way promising that he was bigger and better. However, this did not materialize into any new content; no banners no nothing. And after all that he has now resurfaced in Kilifi looking far worse for wear than we have ever seen him before.

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The troublesome nature of who he is as a person is in the fact that he used to perform so many publicity stunts that many do not believe him to truly be mentally unstable or drug-addled. Most people seem to believe he is performing for the cameras once again in the hopes that he can reignite his career.

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While this might be true I personally doubt it as what we are witnessing has so many striking parallels to what we saw Kanye West go through in America. The difference is that Magix Enga has not been diagnosed as Kenya does not have a great mental health support system or network.

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I mean, come on guys we have watched this talented young man throw away his entire life on a whim. We watched wallow in madness and still some will claim that he destroyed his life for some performative narrative. No sir. I genuinely believe we have watched a man suffer a mental breakdown due to undiagnosed reasons and given just how severe his bouts of paranoia were, the odds are high that even when his friends and family attempted to reach out to him to help him he rebuffed them.

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