Magix Enga trolled ruthlessly after shaving off signature locks & it’s hilarious!

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Music producer Magix Enga has shaved off his dreadlocks and his new look has fans trolling him on social media as they claims he looks different or rather funny.

The fella who was once known for creating amazing gengetone beats shared the new look via his Instagram page; and for some reason – netizens decided to have a field day picking on the shape of his head.

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Well, as they say women depend on makeup to enhance their looks, guess it’s the same for men when it comes to growing beards and of course dreadlocks. And thanks to Magix Enga’s latest look – yes men also depend on hair to look cuter or prettier – and Enga just proved it!

Netizens troll Magix Enga

With the new look, Magix Enga clearly looks nothing like we are used to and fans in the comment section could not let him rest for this.

Magix Enga

Some trolled him for relying on locks to look like a pretty boy while others were just plain mean….

Being one who is known for clout chasing – let’s hope this is not one of those moments because damn…Enga just lost his charm after losing the locs. No?

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