Magix Enga’s publicity stunt was the best a Kenyan has ever done

Magix Enga is the super troll we never knew we were capable of creating. He is the hero we have reluctantly gotten accustomed to like a bad fart in a matatu on a chilly July morning. He is the black sheep of the entertainment family who is very gifted but is just such a complete dick, we have to be awkward around him during family gatherings.

But Magix Enga has had his minute in the sun. He got to shine and put himself above the rest of the entertainment industry by simply trolling the biggest troll in entertainment, Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Magix Enga copyright complaint against Tekashi

You see, Mexican-American rapper Tekashi is so universally reviled that even companies want to watch him fail. the rapper who turned snitch after getting involved with gang members, putting hits out on people and getting imprisoned is now constantly on social media mocking everyone. Don’t get me wrong, he still makes good music but he broke one of the Cardinal rules of hip-hop which has a history of celebrating criminality.
So when Magix Enga who has been pulling all sorts of nonsense publicity stunts set his eyes on Tekashi Snitch Nine, all bets were off.

Magix Enga

The Kenyan producer essentially abused YouTube’s copyrights rule and this caused them to remove one of the biggest songs of the moments, Tekashi’s crowning glory, Gooba which has broken so many records, you would think YouTube would want to keep it on their mantlepiece. Magix Enga claimed that Tekashi had stolen his instrumentals for the song -essentially that he had copied the instrumentals which is a violation of intellectual property rights.

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The video was taken down and Kenyans celebrated the fact that their asshat son had brought notoriety to Kenya. Others across the globe celebrated because they really want to see Tekashi lose.

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And why is this the best troll ever? Because it worked. It has given Magix Enga his 15 minutes of international fame, it gave Tekashi 6ix9ine haters their seven chuckles and it has increased the Kenyan producer’s local fame and renown.
If Magix can capitalize on this short stint in the sun, he could stand to make some serious money. At the moment most East Africans would want to work with him so as to be associated with his notoriety. They would be hoping that some of the lingering attention will shine a spotlight to their music.

Chasing album sales: Magix Enga’s tasteless publicity stunt falls flat

Maybe, Magix Enga could even beg Tekashi for them to collaborate on some work together and who knows, the biggest troll in the world just might agree to work with the biggest troll of the moment.


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