Maid from hell abducts her boss’ child poisons him with deadly pesticide then leaves him for the dead in Eastleigh matatu

Monstrous house help has terrified Kenyans after it emerged that she poisoned her employer’s son with pesticide despite receiving ransom money.

Jacinta Kanini Muia is the ultimate ‘maid from hell’, the 25-year-old house help put her employer’s 9-year-old boy through hell in her bid to extort the kid’s parents and also to have her revenge.

Kanini, who is awaiting sentencing, confessed her crimes during court session at Makadara Law Courts; she pleaded guilty to attempted murder and abducting her employer’s son.

The monstrous maid abducted her employer’s son on June 8th 2017 at Kariobangi South Civil Servants’ Estate. Apparently she was trying to get back at her boss because her employers chased her away when she complained that she had been sexually assaulted.

Jacinta Kanini Muia

Kanini planned the kidnapping while she was at her pastor’s house, she picked the boy from school and went with him to her boyfriend’s home in California estate, Eastleigh.

She then contacted the kid’s parents through a new SIM card that was registered under the name of Butula Shariff Yussuf – an ID card she obtained illegally.

The evil nanny demanded a ransom of Kes 100,000 for the kid’s safe return but the boy’s parents only managed to send her 10k promising to top up the remaining amount later.

Kanini withdrew 9k after she received the 10k, she bought a bottle of soda and pesticide, mixed them and forced the boy to drink.

She then took the boy to matatu stage and told the tout to drop him at Moi Air Base gate claiming that the boy’s mother was waiting for him there.

The tout was however hesitant to leave the boy alone at Moi Air Base gate because he looked ill, he instead asked him for his parents’ phone number, which he gave out.

After talking to the boy’s father, the nice makanga handed the boy over to the police who rushed him to the hospital after discovering he had been poisoned.

Meanwhile the maid from hell was hiding at the house of Pastor Christopher Muindi Mutunga of Evangelism Fellowship Center in Huruma.

Police traced her using the phone number she used to contact the boy’s parents to demand ransom money. Kanini will know her fate on June 28th when the court will be sentencing her.





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