Maina Kageni’s advice to Lillian Muli after husband snatchers got on her nerves

Husband snatchers picked a fight with Lillian Muli after she stepped on their toes. The Citizen TV anchor however had no apology to make.

Lillian Muli hit side chicks where it hurts the most, and this was the genesis of the altercation she had with concubines on social media.

The Citizen TV anchor posted a piece of advice on her Instagram handle, the unfeigned message was directed to ladies who had extramarital sexual relationship with married men.

“When you date a married man and he leaves his wife…. you enter a world of lies. He cheated on his wife and he WILL cheat on you!” Lillian Muli’s message read.

“To all my little sisters out there having Babies with married men…better watch yourself,” Lillian Muli captioned her message.

Lillian’s post rubbed husband snatchers the wrong way, mistresses ganged up to troll her for the sincere advice she shared on her Instagram handle.

The pretty Citizen TV anchor however didn’t cow to their intimidations, she simply had no apology to make to the salty mistresses.

“When some negative people post Lewd comments on my page…stop trippin my posts ain’t about you. Read the paper or find something to do an idle mind is the worst form of self destruction,” Lillian Muli confronted her critics.

Maina Kageni was quick to advise Lillian Muli after husband snatchers got on her nerves. Maina told her that the hate spewed at her was healthy for her wellbeing.

Maina Kageni: I have learnt that haters are good for you.

Lillian Muli: @mainawakageni lol these people need to stop being so mad at the world



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