‘Make Sure You’re Not Depending On A Man’-Obinna Advices Women Preparing To Get Pregnant

Comedian and content creator Oga Obinna has shared his sentiments on the do’s and dont’s that women who are looking forward to get pregnant should consider.

The father of four has already been through a lot with his baby mamas. And his advice might seem peculiar, but I bet a couple of people would take it in.

Anyway, in a recent interview with Lucy Mworia on YouTube, here’s what Obinna had to advice;

”Ladies before you get pregnant for that man, be very sure with or without that man in your life you can take care of yourself and your child.”

The jester continued to advice baby mamas who deny their baby daddies access to their children to re-think their decision; stating that they only make the life of their children difficult rather than the baby daddy’s life.

”Think about it. And if you have a baby daddy and you’re a difficult baby mama, you’re not doing justice to your child. You’re hurting your child more than the baby daddy.”

He further adviced baby mamas to take legal actions to deadbeat baby daddies.

Obinna baby mamas

The jester once narrated how hard it is for him to co-parent with his three baby mamas; citing that he has to pay them in order for him to see the children.

“Co-parenting is not easy. We are always fighting. In my world, there are only two ways of co-parenting which is, either you sleep with your baby mamas or you pay them otherwise, you will never see your kids. So I pay them.” Obinna explained.

However, the comedian spends most of his free time with his children. They have a YouTube channel together and he seems to be enjoying every bit of it.

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