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“Mali gani hiyo?” Harmonize reacts to ex wife suing him over properties she bought him

September 28, 2022 at 12:03
"Mali gani hiyo?" Harmonize reacts to ex wife suing him over properties she bought him

They say Kenyan and Nigerian men are croocks. They can trick you into falling in love, make you open up about passwords, savings and what you don’t see coming is the breakup.

I can promise you that this is the kind of character development most women have in common and whether a guuuud or bhaaad gurl…character development is a must when it comes to these two African men.

Sarah takes Harmonize to court

Well with this, I’m starting to wonder whether Harmonize has any Kenyan roots cause damn…ameruka ex wife kipetero kiyesu after she allegedly took him to court demanding he gives her half of everything he owns.

This is allegedly because back when they were married and had dated for 4 years – she invested in some properties, cars and business in Tz but the only mistake she made is put them under her beau’s name. Sema mapenzi.

I divorced her

Anyway now that the love they once shared already faded away….we’re left witnessing what looks like a nasty divorce about to go down.

Speaking on the case, Harmonize a few hours ago shared a screenshot between him and current fiance, Kajala where they are seen discussing the divorce.

At one point Harmonize is seen talking about properties…which he says Sarah Michelloti left him with nothing – adding that by the time she left Harmonize didn’t even have a place to sleep. Wait….ati?


And from the post above, he also hints that she may want him back as her husband, but problem is – his heart belongs to another.

Nataka niandike, Taraka 3. Sio Mke wangu. Umalaya sio chaguo langu.



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