Malindi staycation: 10 videos from Betty Kyallo and sisters’ vacay that prove they can be wild away from home

Betty Kyallo has been a little jumpy and pretty over the moon ever since her divorce, showing us a wild side of her away from motherly duties and the 8-5 job hustle.

She quit her not-so promising job at K24 in May this year, to allow her beauty parlor business bloom to its peak. Ever since, it has been a bit easy on her, being her own boss, doing things her own way.

Plus, it has allowed her time off the demands of a salaried job to go beyond her comfort zone to see her dreams come to fruition. It has been a crazy 2-month run around for her and she decided to take time off and allow her mind and body some good rest.

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Well, the sassy businesswoman along with her two sisters and couple of friends planned a trip down the Kenyan coast, some alone time, a big-girls only affair leaving baby Ivanna back in Nairobi.

Betty and Mercy Kyallo looking like hot messes in Malindi

However, ever since the group set foot in Malindi, they have not given online fans a break! Talk of their tight-fitting dresses that perfectly brought out the curves showing some class and boldness.

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From breakfast to dinner moments, giving us a glimpse of the posh hotel they are spending nights in, it has been a long stretch.

However, it doesn’t get fun enough until you see these girls letting go of their life’s burdens, drinking the late afternoon away, singing along to some of their best music hits with lyrics best explaining what they feel deep inside.

I’ll be honest, before we go any further, it was probably just time these ladies took the vacation because there is just a different side of them the trip has showcased.

Girls’ trip

Taking that drive from Malindi to Watamu, have a look at their fun-filled road trip:

Kid you not, Betty knows her lyrics and her voice should be a direct ticket for her into the music industry. She’s got that slayqueen kind of accent.

This is where she gets pretty bubbly:

Turns out her younger sister, Mercy Kyallo is good at her dance moves.

Let’s close the show with an outdoor move.

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