Man murdered and dumped outside Kayole church

A man was found dead in the vicinity of a church compound in Kayole, Nairobi. The cause of death is still under investigation.

The body was discovered on Saturday at the Deliverance Church in the Mawe Mbili area. Police have not yet released the identity of the victim.

According to police, the man’s face was partially disfigured, suggesting that he was killed elsewhere and his body was dumped at the church compound. The exact location where the murder took place is still unknown.

Nairobi police commander Adamson Bungei stated that they are yet to identify the perpetrators of the crime and determine the motive.

“We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this man’s death. It appears that he was killed somewhere else and his body was brought here,” Bungei said.

The body has been transferred to the morgue for further examination and identification. The investigation is ongoing.

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