Manzi Wa Kibera Introduces New 75 Year Old Boyfriend

Kenyan socialite Manzi Wa Kibera has surprised her followers by revealing a new romantic relationship with a significantly older man. During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, she disclosed her love for 75-year-old Daniel Njau, and both expressed their commitment to building a future together.

Njau declared his intentions to love Manzi “until the day God decides to separate them,” showcasing his dedication to the relationship. When asked about her preference for older partners, Manzi explained that it stems from personal compatibility and knowing how to navigate such dynamics.

However, this latest development comes after recent controversy surrounding Manzi’s previous relationship with a 67-year-old man. Breakup rumors surfaced amidst accusations of infidelity and pregnancy. Their relationship, marked by high-profile moments and public scrutiny, faced criticism from some who doubted its authenticity.

Manzi expressed hope that her fans will embrace her new partner with the same warmth and support they demonstrated during her previous relationship. Whether this marks a lasting union or sparks further debate remains to be seen.

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