Maribe, Jowie to learn Monica’s murder case outcome

Today will determine the fate of former TV anchor Jackie Maribe and her ex-fiance Joseph Irungu in relation to the slaying of late businesswoman Monica Kimani. Jowie is the initial suspect in Monica’s murder case.

In 2018, he and Jacque Maribe were charged. At her Lamuria Gardens apartment in Kilimani, off Denis Pritt Road on Kitale Lane, Monica’s body was discovered.
35 witnesses who testified against the two were called by the prosecution.

The evidence they presented in court is enough to prosecute them, according to assistant DPP Gikui Gichuki, despite the fact that they have denied knowing Monica or having any involvement in her death.

“My lady the death was unlawful as indicated by all the prosecution witnesses. As per witness testimony, the first accused was placed in the house of the deceased, he was positively identified during the identification parade” – Gikui.

Gikui said at the conclusion of the case that the two “acted in concert to eliminate the deceased” with a same objective. She cited a court of appeals ruling that stated that aiding and abetting generally refers to providing assistance or being an accomplice in the commission of a crime.

Additionally, the state has requested that the court take into account the fact that Maribe did not make any effort to distance herself from Jowie’s deeds and instead assisted him in setting fire to evidence.

“The demeanour of Jowie and Maribe should also be taken into account at the time of investigations which entailed giving false information to the police during the trial where the accused in some cases missed court proceedings,”

The prosecution claimed that Jackie Maribe, the second defendant, was the first defendant’s partner at the time they were living together. Gikui then clarified that Maribe was the proprietor of the car involved in a criminal activity.

“She also allowed the gun to be kept in her house yet she had a young child. It should be noted in testimony produced in this court that she lied to the police consistently regarding how the first accused person was injured,”

Katwa Kigen, Maribe’s attorney, has countered that none of the witnesses had implicated the former television anchor with the crime.

“The case is based on circumstantial evidence; there’s no direct evidence against the second accused person,”

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