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“Marriage is not easy” Vivianne shares relationship advice that are actually worth taking

April 23, 2021 at 09:12
“Marriage is not easy” Vivianne shares relationship advice that are actually worth taking

Singer Viviane has opened up to talk about marriage and relationships in a new post shared on her IG page. Being a married women, she of course understands one or two things that a young couple would learn from her about surviving a marriage.

Singer Vivianne with husband

Well, just like most married couples we’ve heard say that that marriage is not easy; turns out that this is a concept Viviane also agrees with and to confirm this, the singer shared a few tips she believes would help a couple live in harmony while still married.

Anyone who is honest will tell you that marriage is no joke. However the truth remains to be that God can make anything work. The secret involves mainly surrendering to His ways and He will reveal himself to you.

Invest in the friendship phase

According to Viviane, building a good foundation as a friends always comes in handy during a relationship or marriage. This is because after the love starts to fade – then you’re able to remain as good friends in the end. She went on to say;


Some of the things that I can bear testimony is that you and your partner must work on being friends. That even as you both develop individually you respect and genuinely care about one another’s personal well being.

And with the rise of domestic violence in the society especially now that the economy is really bad; Viviane went on to add;

I do understand that the current times are hard for many couples but I’d like to challenge you to try be good friends to each other. True friendship is sweet and emits joy.
Thought to share this today.
Mshinde fiti from @samwestke and I 🙏🏾. #ViviLove


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