Mary Lincoln, a gospel singer, has been ordained as an Evangelist.

Kikuyu Gospel singer Mary Lincoln experienced tears of joy and even fainted during her ordination ceremony as an Evangelist on Sunday, May 12th.

Reflecting on her spiritual journey, she shared how individuals like CS Moses Kuria played a significant role in supporting and encouraging her path towards priesthood. She expressed gratitude towards Kuria, who was present at the ceremony, recalling his messages of encouragement to persevere despite discouragement from others.


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Acknowledging the moral support she received from Kenyan Kikuyu preachers, Mary emphasized the importance of tolerance and pledged not to disappoint those who had stood by her.

In a heartfelt message captured in a video on Kururia Tv, Mary expressed her profound gratitude to her family and friends for their unwavering support. She assured them that her love for God would remain steadfast and unwavering.


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Mary also expressed her gratitude to God for guiding her on this unexpected journey of ordination. Despite never envisioning herself in such a role, she embraced the path that led her to this moment, reflecting on her past experiences and the transformative power of faith.

Years ago, Mary gained attention in Kenya when her private photos were leaked online. However, she publicly repented and sought forgiveness at CFF Church in Kiambu. Since then, she has released a song reflecting on her tribulations and her journey towards spiritual redemption.

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