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Marya Is Rebranding And Its Hilarious

October 22, 2021 at 08:17
Marya Is Rebranding And Its Hilarious

Marya has decided to rebrand and we have to give Edgar Obare his props because clearly when he does an expose, the city, nay, the nation actually sits up and pays attention to what he has shared.

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A couple of weeks back, he had a rather scintillating expose of the former singer in which he revealed her alleged involvement in sex work as a practitioner… Basically, go and ask someone to explain that one if you haven’t understood what I was saying.

Exes Kevo and Marya

So Marya is back on the centre stage but working in an industry no one wants to be associated with. Oh, the irony! And she was allegedly very proactive in sex work, constantly communicating and enticing clients; potential and realized.

Karma? Lady accused of snatching singer Marya’s husband already facing relationships issues

Edgar Obare’s expose was damaging! Whoo! It had videos and photos that he selfishly decided to censor. However, we, the public got to find out which brothel Marya was working at as well as even get treated to an audio of her advertising her services with a child being heard in the not so distant background… And boy did this expose split public opinion.

Some feminists were offended (seems like they are offended at anything and nothing simultaneously) while others were simply shocked. After all, sex work is an affront to most people’s moral sensibilities.

Marya needs to do some serious soul searching and stop blaming her exes

But when everything was said and done, Marya was left on her lonesome to pick up the pieces of her life. And the way she is going about it is something I find hilarious. She deleted all the photos on her social media account (IG) on which she has 29,000 followers and has started posting photos of food.


Yup, she has gone from umalaya to food pron. Nice.

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One has to wonder whether there is an endgame in mind or whether she is simply trying to cast the illusion that she is a family-oriented woman because at the end of the day, nothing says home like good food. What is going on in Marya’s mind?

She has also announced that she to will be monetizing her audience by turning her IG stories into an advertising board for entrepreneurs. If this is the case, I would advise her to go all out and only feature instruments of her work and self-pleasure. Take advantage of what is already swirling around in a lot of Kenyans’ heads about who she is.

Edgar Obare flaunts girlfriend’s hot body in steamy bikini video

Make that money, share that honey. No? Okay. I am done anyway.

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