Marya Prude Raburu´s infectious smile that lit up the Internet [Photo]

Image: Mrs Raburu´s faith in God shaken

Marya Prude Raburu seems to have recovered from her loss and slowly learning to count God´s blessings in her life, after losing her first child, Adana to death.

Marya and hubby, Willis Raburu have fought a tough battle, grieving over the loss of their departed daughter even before her birth.

It has been 3 months and still soldiering on, the couple is gradually bouncing back on their two feet, getting up with a smile on their faces and going out to conquer.

The Raburus

In a recent post, Marya uploaded a photo of herself, standing by the corridor and letting out a beautiful, deep smile that awed online fans.

You could tell it was genuine and a sign that the healing process had sure borne fruits that are evident.

A smile that comes with inner healing, gratitude, counting your blessings and appreciating the little steps in life.

Marya Prude Raburu

Her caption was simple:


Excited and awe-struck followers quickly gushed:

She is smiling again….ahsante Jehovah!????????????????????????????????????????


Amen let nothing steal that joy away from you. These too shall pass. Ahsante Mungu!


Looking good mamie❤️????????


Very beautiful smile


So beautiful mamii


Shine boo boo shine ????????????????


Smiling is contagious ????????????


You look amazing ????????


Looking good


Heeeeeey gurl… ????????


Beautiful,keep smiling mami❤️

Marya indeed asserted:

Yes,I’m back ????

It was sure love all the way!

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