Maryaprude hints why marriage to Willis Raburu was extremely toxic

Image: Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

Maryaprude’s healing process seems to be slowing down; now that it is no secret that her ex husband already moved on so quickly.

Barely a year after they broke up – Willis seems to have forgotten what they shared and even has a child with new girlfriend; when Maryaprude who had been his wife for 2 years; has nothing to show from the relationship after losing her child during birth.

MaryaPrude flaunting baby bump

Well, it must be hard for the two of them but truth is, life has to move on with or without the pain; and hopefully this is something most fans are wishing on young Ms Prude who is still hurting.

Toxic relationship

For the first time in a while; Willis on Wednesday 18th shared a couple of videos having a good time with his new girlfriend; a move that seems to have triggered Maryaprude’s latest post.

Exes: Marya and Willis

From the videos, we observe Willis and Ivy Namu having the time of their lives while bowling; and although they are allowed to move on – the hard part is that Maryaprude on the other hand is yet accept the harsh reality.

Just to prove this, the lady shared a new post I believe explains her marriage to Willis Raburu. Her post read;

I remember when people used to gaslight me. I would;

  • Question my sanity
  • Apologize for things that weren’t my fault
  • Wonder if I got things mixed up
  • Blame myself
  • Trust others more than myself
  • pretend to agree
  • Force connection
  • Ask other people if I imagined things

And the last point which explains her current mental breakdown read;

  • Soothe the person who hurt me because they were mad that I was upset.

Clearly, Maryaprude is yet to accept that her relationship with Willis is over; and problem is, being bitter about it – won’t help her mental health either.

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