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Maryaprude reveals which of her parents introduced her to alcohol consumption

August 26, 2021 at 11:55
Maryaprude reveals which of her parents introduced her to alcohol consumption

Lately life has been all about fun, drinking; and partying for Maryaprude and her fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

Young Maryaprude living life to the fullest

Well, mostly because 2020 was one hell of a ride for the influencer who doubles up as Willis Raburu’s ex. She not only lost a baby due to birth complications but Maryaprude got her divorce at 26 years…Could it get any worse?

Wait,  her ex moved on so quick and even started a family – tell me why she will not perfect her drinking game!

Life of the party: Maryaprude

Anyway, the good thing is that with time Maryaprude keeps getting better; that is judging from the photos shared on her Instagram page.

Maryaprude starts to open up

So far the lass seems to be the life of the party; and thanks to her friends, Maryaprude is also starting to open up about her past; and having waited for months – Maryaprude opens up about her family.

Maryaprude on Parte after parte

Speaking to popular news tabloid recently, we get to learn that Maryaprude not only got support from her parents; but a therapist after losing her baby and going through a divorce.

The young lass opened up saying;

My dad took me in when I was going through some hard times last year and told me ‘I just need you to exist and whatever you need I am here to give it to you.

Judging from Maryaprude’s interview, it’s evident that she is a daddy’s girl as she went on to add;

Maryaprude with friend

By that time all I needed was therapy and just taking care of my mental health. He took care of me and my mum made sure I ate and slept. She would cook everything for me and told me to stay with them.

Daddy’s favorite girl

Although Maryaprude says she took after her mum’s looks; the lady made it known that her character is that of her dad.

On the interview, she went on to disclose that her parents are not strict; adding that daddy is actually the one who introduced her to alcohol.

Willis Raburu’s ex wife

Like for example, my dad bought me the first alcoholic drink. He introduced me to that. He was like, ‘When you are out with your friends, take this and avoid this or that drink or else you will end up with a headache and so on.

Mlisema you don’t want ladies that drink like their father’s? Aya, sisi ndio tuko.


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