Masauti is living proof that patience pays

Image: Masauti

Many people are just coming to know of Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, alias Masauti, but the truth is that he has been around for sometime now.

The Mombasa born and bred singer has been making music for the since 2014 or thereabout. Put simply, it took him 5 years (or more) before he became a household name.


Despite being a super-talented singer, Masauti, who’s also known as Kenyan Boy, really struggled before Kenyans finally recognized him.

When he made his official debut in the local entertainment industry he referred to himself as Mswazzi Masauti and was singed to SwaRnB Records which is owned by legendary producer Tedd Josiah.

His first song under the stable dubbed Mahabuba didn’t do well. Very few people know it. Actually, I first heard it today as I was writing this article.

Listening to the song, anyone can tell why it didn’t do well. Although, it’s a very beautiful composition, it lacks the ‘party vibe’ that most Kenyans are used to. This song can make you sleep in a club!

It seems Masauti discovered this as he quickly re-invented himself (of course with the help of others). If you compare the Mahabuba with his latest single dubbed Ipepete, you’ll notice the sharp contrast.

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Not only did he change his music approach, he also worked on his image. He moved from being a singer with a hideous hairstyle to a semi-tough musician. For the umpteenth time, image is everything!

He also met comedian Jalang’o who has really pushed his music career and introduced him to industry big wigs such as Khaligraph Jones who featured on the remix of his single dubbed Kiboko.

Khaligraph, Masauti and Jalang’o

Today, Masauti is one of the most-sought after musicians in Kenya but the truth is that it did not come easy. It took him a whole 5 years and a lot of metamorphosis. He is living proof that patience pays!

Listen to Ipepete below and tell us what you think.

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