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Mashakura! Renown female City pastor trolled for boiling sausage

August 03, 2018 at 08:12
Mashakura! Renown female City pastor trolled for boiling sausage

City Pastor Monica Nyambura Kibui has angered Kenyans after displaying her poor cooking skills.

The preacher, who is married to Samuel Gichuki Kariuki, took to social media to show what she’s making her lovely hubby for breakfast but Kenyans hated it.

They ended up blasting her after she boiled sausages.

Monica and husband


“Watu wanasemanga prophetess hajui kupika. I’m making toast mayai. …you boil sausages first so that they can cook well..” she said in the video. 

Mary Wanjiru: Kitchen iko chini..that breakfast is fake!

Lynda Agisu: Upgrade your cooking please ndio ubrag everywhere.Hujuangi kupika madam..ingine niliona ulianika Facebook ugali nilidhani ni ya paka kumbe ati ni ya mzee.. thooo…

Dorine Ma Trevor: Boiling sausage?

Ashley Temtulah: Kindly use this energy to help street women with pads..that this. I don’t know how you call it, showcase.

Blair Timaya: Lord we Kenyans your help. Is this one of the rreasons as to why you haven’t done your second coming? People using your name for social media greed or likes if to say? But forgive me prophetess, I think you need spiritual whipping.

Janeto Sparks: Yani these pastors can stoop this low? Wafuasi wa hio kanisa wana shida. Mnatumiwa tu in d name of prophetes. My ppo perish due to lack of knowledge. In other words ‘stupidity’. Kujeni mtupe mawe???.

Medusa Motomoto: Bwana hakuli mashakura wahhhhh.

Purity Keith: I could have appreciated if there were 10 street kids for your breakfast


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