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Massawe Japanni is the best dressed female celeb over thirty years of age

April 14, 2021 at 11:29
Massawe Japanni

Massawe Japanni recently impressed me as I was recently scrolling down my Instagram timeline and I came across something rather interesting: the fact that most female Kenyan celebrities dress in trash bags after they hit thirty years of age.

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I would be remiss not to give an honorary mention to Caroline Mutoko and Julie Gichuru but they are more in the elder statesman position at this point because I am honestly not looking at women in their mid-forties.

Massawe Japanni

Massawe Japanni rocking a floral blouse and linen pants with the hat to seal the smart-casual look


Massawe Japanni

Massawe Japanni’s dress and sneakers ensemble is a weekend BBQ or picnic look


Massawe Japanni

This is a great look if you work at a fun workplace

Back to Massawe Japanni. One of the reasons why I consider her the best dressed female celebrity is her versatility. She has no qualms about switching up her fashion for the weather or any given day while still maintaining her sense of style and that is what often permeates through her choice of garb.

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So be it jeans and sneakers, jeans and boots, dresses, linen pants or those stretch spandex pants things, she always exudes confidence and carries the look off well. Meanwhile, a lot of her peers either in their late twenties or small thirties have given up the fight to try and look good and simply opt for the lazy choice of whatever is in vogue at the moment whether or not it suits them.

Massawe Japanni

Massawe Japanni in a killer dress that would look great on a date night with her husband and it fits her frame perfectly


Massawe Japanni

Massawe Japanni looking like she is going out to the beach or for a day out with her daughters


Massawe Japanni

Massawe Japanni casual cowboy look

This brings us to my second reason and it is down to the fact that she knows how to dress her body unlike her peers like Mwende Macharia who often rocks clothes that left her looking like she had fallen into a closet (with clothes a few sizes too small), in the dark, then walked out of the house. But it’s not the case with the Radio Jambo personality who actually dresses in a way that flatters her body and respects the fact that she’s a mother.

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And when it comes to colour coordination, she never allows her clothes to make her look like a harlequin which is something a lot of her peers do. And even the makeup is toned down which enhances her natural beauty in photos.

Massawe Japanni

We can see she clearly loves hats and they are a fun and cheeky accessory


Massawe Japanni

This look really suits the crazy weather we have where it is always threatening to rain


Massawe Japanni

Massawe Japanni’s ready for a loose night out with her girlfriends

To top it all off, you know you’re seeing a grounded woman in Massawe Japanni when you look at her Instagram account and see the photos she has on display. She is someone who takes her image seriously enough to actually look good and I will go out on a limb and say checking out her page is actually a joy. I found myself suggesting some of her photos to my elder sister for her to borrow a leaf.

And let’s face it, for a celebrity like Massawe Japanni, the image you present to the public is a huge factor on your brand because while she is on radio, media has had to take a three hundred and sixty-degree approach to her brand because we live in the digital age.

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