Maureen Waititu and new boyfriend share breathtaking photos from vacation in North Africa

Maureen Waititu certainly didn’t have a good 2019/2020 but from the look of things; the year 2021 seems to be one smooth ride of happiness and of course new added weight.

Well barely 3 months after her trip to South America with bae; the mother of two is already on her second vacation in Morocco accompanied by her new boyfriend.

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Tbt: Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

We can confirm this through the several photos shared on Maureen’s page; flaunting the fun moments she was enjoying in North Africa.

From the smile and playful poses we can tell that the YouTuber is genuinely happy; with this new man that keeps spoiling her every now and then.


Well, being a full time mum and an entrepreneur; Maureen has definitely been taking these trips to enjoy some alone time with her new man.

This is probably because her career, kids and bills don’t create enough room for her to squeeze in sometime for bae. And like they say, work with no play – makes Jill a dull boy! Literally.

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Maureen Waititu with her babies

However speaking during an interview a while back; Maureen not only praised her boyfriend for being an understanding man; but also mentioned that he is heaven sent. Whatever that means.

Anyway, just like her previous trip to Maureen Waititu is still holding back from unveiling her man’s face; but sooner or later – someone somewhere in her circle might just unveil his photos. I mean, have you met women?

Below are a few of the photos shared by Maureen.

Maureen Waititu in Morocco
Maureen Waititu glowing with happiness
YouTuber Visits Morocco with bae

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