Maureen Waititu claps back at women labeling her ‘bitter b!*ch’

Maureen Waititu is undeniably a sweetheart. For some reason her online fans tend to give her less credit than she deserves; but either way Maureen continues to show how strong she is!

After her interview with a presenter from Kiss FM, word had it that the mother of 2 allegedly hinted that baby daddy, Frankie was a dead beat. Of course blogs picked up the story and ran away with it – without caring about Waititu’s feelings.

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Her ex, Frankie Just Gym it also happened to come across the stories and as expected he chose to respond. In a video shared on his YouTube channel, Frankie went on to narrate how he steps up as a father; the rent free house he gave his ex and the kids among other things.

Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Not quite sure why, but hey….at least he let it out of his chest.

Maureen responds

With different versions explaining why Maureen said her ex ‘tries’ to be present for their kids; the mother of 2 has finally come out to give her side of the story.

Surprisingly turns out that Maureen is not as bitter as many have been assuming. In a new video the lady thanks her ex fiancé for everything he does for their kids; and goes on to wish him and his new found love nothing but happiness!

Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Well, as unreal as it sounds…it seems that Maureen is finally over her baby daddy and since they’ve now separated for good, she might as well accept the reality of things.

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I am not bitter!

However what caught many people’s attention is the message Maureen issued out to women blasting her for apparently being bitter.

As seen on her video, Ms Waititu makes it known that they wouldn’t understand her situation since they are not in her shoes!

Maureen Waititu claps back

Only hurt people hurt people and a lot of you people when you’re attacking not just me but other people honestly I feel it’s a projection of exactly who you are.

She went on to add;

Especially you young girls need to slow down! Listen more than you talk cause life is real and until this happens to you, you will never understand. Cause I know majority of you women attacking me have never been in my shoes. Watch and learn!

Well there you have it!

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