Single mother of 2 Maureen Waititu cries for a man to love her

Image: Maureen Waititu’s sudden weight gain

Maureen Waititu, a social media influencer and former model, adores romance.

She is willing to acknowledge that as a fact.

Maureen said that she is a single mother who seeks love to YouTuber Lynn Ngugi.

“Love is a beautiful thing, there is just something about..leave alone breakups, but just growing up and realizing your priorities.”

She has a new perspective on love. My best buddy would have to be there for me because you have to ask them where we’re heading when the butterflies have passed, in my opinion.

She criticized the idea that single mothers like herself shouldn’t be loved because they are thought to have baggage.

“Single mums are dope. We live in a very, I dont know whether it’s Kenya or Africa there is this whole notion of mothers dont deserve love. No, I’m a mother then there are kids, and the truth is yes we do come as a package, kids are my responsibility and they have their father. Me, I need love. Let me tell you, some of the most amazing people to love. Yes, I’m speaking on behalf of all the single mums around the world, single mums are so dope. In as much as we will give you the calendar, you chose three months from now which day Im available, we are dope, and responsible, and everything is good. But for me, friendship in love is very important”

She seeks a self-aware man who can develop a friendship with her.

She claims she can picture visiting someone at their house and preparing a meal for them.

“But then that friendship needs to be there. Because love is not a feeling, you’ve got to wake up every day and chose this person. Self-awareness coz weuh people are broken out there, broken is okay but are you self-aware, are you able to say I have this weakness and Im working on it other than being in denial and the cycle repeats itself.”

If she is in a relationship at all, she wants to keep it a discreet one.

“Because hee, the things I have seen I have learnt. I am not trying to prove a point, if I love in private that is all that matters. And I am very happy”

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