Maureen Waititu: double-speak indicates deep seated anger and pain

Image: Exes Maureen and baby daddy, Frankie

Maureen Waititu is a woman on fire! She is the embodiment of that Alicia Keys’ song and an additional bag of chips!

What was supposed to be a quick and easy subliminal attack on her ex-husband with her sustained media interview run revealing details about her failed marriage has evolved into a monster that she can no longer control once Frankie Just Gym It decided to clear the air about their co-parenting arrangement.

“He was screwing around with the socialite when we were together!” Maureen Waititu reveals

Make no mistake about it though, there are no good actors in this situation. This is a situation that both Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It created. They are the adults, the parents and the partners who could not find a solution to their marital problem. They each contributed the capital that led to their situation.

maureen waititu
Maureen Waititu looking like fine wine

Now, When Maureen Waititu first opened up to the media, she was smart about how she shared her truth. It was skewed to make her seem like a victim and like a long-suffering woman who had to put up with a lot, It was as if she were the angel and Frankie the devil. Her perspective on how things unfolded was very telling but yet Kenyan women rallied behind her simply because “believe all women”.

Maureen Waititu exposed for lying about Frankie Just Gym It being a deadbeat

Hers was the single mother trope that understated just how much her co-parent was contributing to the welfare of her children.

maureen waititu
Maureen Waititu dolled up in Yellow

And when she finally did speak to address Frankie’s tell-all video, all she served to do was put me all the off with her solipsistic narrative of life. A quick way for me to prove this is by dissecting her statement in response to a fan who took her to task for her half-truths:

“He was screwing around with the socialite when we were together!” Maureen Waititu reveals

Excuse me? Who are you to think you know me?

No but you have opened yourself up to opinions by putting your personal business in the public domain so as long as the message wasn’t one of harassment, it was fair game.

Do you even know what I do for my kids?

No, because you have not deigned to mention this in any of the messages you shared about your situation. You were entirely focused on subliminally taking potshots at Frankie Just Gym It.

Do you know anything about what being a father is????

This a very patronizing statement that calls to question the individual’s intelligence.

“There are men out here ready to take care of you and the kids!” Jalang’o tells Maureen Waititu to focus

Should I speak about all the unspeakable things he’s done to me for you to understand how much I’ve covered that man?

No because you chose to stay in that relationship for along as you did knowing you would have to “cover him” and while things went your way, you seemed happy to do so. Then we can also say that this was your job as his woman. What, you want a statue built in your honour for you doing what you were supposed to? Besides, he covered you for way longer even as you attacked him publicly.

frankie and maureen waitiitu
Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Did he or kwamboka send you?

This particular statement shows her hatred towards the new couple and their happiness.

Don’t even think about coming at me without knowing the other side of the story. Ps, If by screwing around with a socialite who he was flirting with when we were still together and knocking her up is what you call getting a mate, I pity your kind of thinking.

You opened this can of worms by running around and conducting media interviews about the situation. Save us the sanctimonius attitude.

You must have a very perfect life to be minding other people’s business. Women like you are why the society has a problem.

No, but we know better than to share everything about ourselves on social media then start crying when things do not go as expected. Again, you opened yourself up to our opinions.

Ask him to show you a receipt for the last shirt, haircut, entertainment or trip he took his kids to. Ask him then you can come here and attack me.

Come on, you live in his house! You live in the man’s mother’s home. He provides money directly to you for you to also be able to do these things. If the price of a haircut is expensive, perhaps it is time to shift from having the young ones getting their hair cut at Man Cave and take them to a regular barbershop. His mother is paying fees and you are here crying and bellyaching. This is the worst part of all this. This line of argument makes you out to seem like an ingrate.

Add to this the fact that in her very first interview about the breakup, Maureen Waititu said the following:

“I do not know if he has ever cheated on me but there were issues of other women who were around. He is a very handsome man and the women in Nairobi are fisis. He might have been a loyal guy but there were so many women who used to be all up on him and maybe, just maybe, he did not know how to carry himself and entertain them. I do not know if he cheated or not and I do not want to know.”

We get it, you are hurt. But stop venting on social media and in the media then crying about it when the audience doesn’t react the way you want them to. take the time you need to heal. And guess what? Healing takes time and is done in silence. It is done with a great deal of introspection and accountability. the rest of this is flaming garbage. This is a dumpster fire. And we would all like to think you are better than that.


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