Maureen Waititu exposed for lying about Frankie Just Gym It being a deadbeat

We spoke about the options available to Maureen Waititu for her to get one over on her former hubby, Frankie Just Gym It in form of revenge. The options were simple. One was for her to move on with her life and lead the best possible life. The second was for her to besmirch Frankie Just Gym It’s name and make him out to have been a deadbeat father.

What Maureen Waititu’s interview reveals about her mindset

The truth of the way relationships work is that when they end, regardless of whether the women ended things, unless she did so to move on to a much high-value man, women will always paint themselves out to be the problem.

maureen waititu

This logic (or lack thereof) explains why Maureen Waititu decided to leave her fans with a negative opinion of her ex. She went on interviews in which she placed the blame at Frankie Just Gym It’s feet and Nairobi’s bitter Bettys ate it up and quickly wrote him off as a fudge-boy.

Why Okari and Frankie moved on but Betty Kyallo and Maureen Waititu can’t

And then we watched the Edgar obare interview that featured Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It and watched the damage of things left unsaid run havoc. All the females who were responding went in on him calling him all manner of deadbeat variations and still Maureen Waititu didn’t clear the air.

maureen waititu

Then she granted an interview to Kiss100 and she went on to assert a claim that she is a single mother who is doing her own thing. This statement is a very problematic insinuation because as Frankie has just proven, Maureen Waititu was implicitly lying. She told the lie of commission. And it is a problem because Frankie is still involved in his sons lives.

Maureen Waititu: Revenge is a dish best served cold

You see, Maureen Waititu is busy nursing her ego and forgetting that leaving her CO-PARENT exposed will do just as much damage or more when the children grow up and read the statements being made about their father as if he really were a deadbeat. Maureen Waititu it turns out is on her Zari Hassan bullshit. She lives in a family home owned by Frankie Kiarie’s family.

maureen waititu

She is willing to risk inflicting her children with a deeper level of abandonment issues just so she can get a few more followers and likes on her IG account all the while knowing that Frankie is helping her raise the children. And the role of a father is important in children but especially boys lives.

And it is clearly time for us to call her out on her bullshit. We need to hold her accountable. It was she who started sharing the happenings of her relationship after she left Frankie Just Gym It so she should have told an accurate picture of what was truly happening. Trickle truth is still lying. Lies of omission are still lies.

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