Maureen Waititu & Frankie Just Gym It Are Now Co-Parenting

Image: Tbt: Maureen Waititu with baby daddy

Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It have been quietly co-parenting their two sons, Kai and Lexi, after finding a solution to their impasse.

Waititu spoke about their co-parenting arrangement in a recent interview with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi, saying that they have been “very careful not to make it about us, so we have been out there talking about it, but yes, we are co-parenting.”

Waititu said that she is happy with the way things are going, and that the kids are happy to have their dad in their lives. She also said that she is grateful for the support of her family and friends during this time.

Waititu and Just Gym It broke up in 2017 after a highly publicized relationship. The breakup was followed by a period of cyberbullying and trolling for Waititu, who said that she was “almost made to leave social media” because of it.

However, Waititu said that she has since rebuilt her life and is now in a good place. She credited her family and friends for their support, as well as her own strength and resilience.

“There were incidences that happened post-breakup,” she said. “Hee when God decides to send a message he will even use your most painful moments to do that, this is the year that made me who I am and the bigger message is being sent through whatever I went through. Nobody should make the mistake of thinking it’s a woiyee story. It’s life, life happens and we are here to see another day.”

Waititu’s story is a reminder that even after a difficult breakup, it is possible to rebuild your life and find happiness. With the support of loved ones and your own strength, you can overcome any obstacle.

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