Maureen Waititu is back to advertising her availability

Image: Maureen Waititu with their sons

Maureen Waititu is finally ready to accept that she’s single and 2023 she has decided she’s looking forward to mingling and perhaps finding a man and exiting the dating pool.

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Now for a little exposition, the single mother of two was previously in a relationship with Frankie Just Gym It before the pair had a rather acrimonious split. And things got dark very very fast.

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She went as far as using their two sons as a weapon against Frankie who from all iterations of the tail has been estranged from them. And at some point, Maureen Waititu even went as far as to include his family on the drama claiming that they are thrown her out of their home and left not just her but they’re saying to their kith and kin through her without a roof.

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We were then later treated to what we had Ghafla kept warning you was a scam relationship. She would fly all over the world doing her job as an influencer and I have people take photos of her in a manner that suggested she was in a relationship.

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We know all that was fake because it quickly fizzled out and Maureen Waititu has since then not mentioned a man. That is, until now when she has taken to social media to start posting photos that showcase her availability.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that she’s a single woman looking to interact with an adult male who tickles her fancy and that is perfectly normal. However, we can only hope that she has since learnt her lesson with regards to vetting potential partners, as well as learnt her lesson with regards to what men want in a partner.

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Maureen Waititu has been putting on airs and acting like “boss babe” or “miss Independent” and there is no man worth his salt who wants to deal with a masculinized woman. And given that she has two sons we also hope she understands that she will never be able to get her pick of the litter with regards to men as she is damaged goods with baggage. Not to mention the psychological harm that occurred with how public and acrimonious her breakup with Frankie was.

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We wish her nothing but the best in her search for man, but unlike her cheerleading feminist coven of witches we were to be grounded in the advice we give her so that she can get the best possible outcomes.

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