Maxine Wahome is a scary revelation of just how misandrist Kenya is

Maxine Wahome is a scary revelation of just how misandrist Kenya is as we have just been treated to a full showing of just how biased Kenya’s judicial system is and skipping right in step along with it are Kenya’s corporates.

Maxine Wahome shows Kenyan men are on their own

She has recently been in the news cycle following a domestic row that so her boyfriend get stabbed to death. Details are still unclear however it is rather jarring seeing twitter schills get paid to tarnish a dead man’s name without so much as an iota of evidence.

The man is dead and all we keep being told is an obviously lopsided account of events that reads as false as the political promises our politicians give us during election years. Maxine Wahome is being painted as a victim yet there is no police report, or medical report attesting to bruising on her person or any other injuries associated with domestic violence.

Kenyans reactions to Maxine Wahome and Asad Khan’s GBV case proves we are quick to point fingers

On the contrary, what we are finding out is that several friends and neighbours of the victim (Asad Khan) and couple have painted a rather unflattering image of just who the victim was.

Some of the corporates that have come out to keep and defend Maxine Wahome are the same ones that demanded the sacking of Shafi Weru, DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville. Yet they are keeping for and white knighting for someone who is under investigation for at best, manslaughter and at worst murder.

GBV reactions: feminists claims of gender equality are a lie

This just goes to show you how much of a misandrist nation Kenya truly is as we watch some of the biggest and most profitable companies stick their fingers into and play around with the circumstances that led to a man losing his life.

And one has to wonder to what end this is happening because these companies will not be able to “walk It back” should Maxine Wahome ever be found guilty of one of the crime she is being investigated for. This also is a double-edged sword as it will serve to alienate any other stakeholders from sitting at the table to discuss gender-based violence issues pertaining to women.

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