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‘Mbogi Ya Kimonyoski’-Chipukeezy And Kartelo Excite Fans As They Re-Unite (Photo)

May 18, 2022 at 10:50
'Mbogi Ya Kimonyoski'-Chipukeezy And Kartelo Excite Fans As They Re-Unite (Photo)

Comedian Vincent Muasya Mutua aka Chipukeezy and Kartelo might have finally ironed out their predicaments after an alleged long-term beef between them. The jesters were fans favourite & were known to be good friends. They even co-hosted a show together on both Ebru TV and TV 47 some time back, but their appearances together reduced drastically, raising eyebrows among their fans. Further, Kartelo went silent on social media for a very long time; leading to speculations that indeed something was wrong.

They kept information on their fall-out under wraps for a while but it was in black & white that they were no longer in good terms. Kartelo was the first to address their beef but did not disclose much information; adding that there was no bad blood between them. After Chipukeezy’s arrival from the US earlier this year, he addressed the same and admitted that they were no longer in talking terms.
We don’t talk nowadays, so I was not even aware when he came back from the US. We don’t talk or work together anymore. These things do happen. Ni issues tu za watu. But we are not on good terms, I will not go into the details.

The Re-Union

After all that, the two comedians have now re-united and have hinted on a TV comeback together. Chipukeezy posted a photo alongside Kartelo and captioned;

@kartelo_official it was nice see you after a long time and thanks for accepting to be my running mate😂😂😂 indeed this is the winning team 🤝 mbogi Bado kimonyoski👊”
And fans couldn’t hide their exuberance upon the re-union. Here’s how some of them reacted;


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