Mbosso from Wasafi proves he is the king of Swahili ballad in new jam “Tamba”

Tanzanian superstar Mbosso has dropped another love ballad dubbed “Tamba”. A song that is clearly a hit already considering the number of views for the audio on YouTube that stands at 230k just a day after release.

For a guy that had given up on music after the dissolution of the 2015 to 2017 Yamoto Band. Mbosso has proven that his talent is impeccable.

Since he joined the Diamond Platinumz own  Wasafi records Mbosso has done well so far and has even been rumored to be the latest favorite of his boss Simba.


Tamba is Swahili that loosely translates to being proud of who you are and have fun. Basically letting the world know who you are.

In the song Mbosso is singing too the woman he loves. He promises her all that life could offer. Trust Mbosso when it comes to using metaphors in his expressions of love.

The “Ate” hitmaker gives you reason to always hope in love in every situation rich or poor. How?He starts of by what seems like a call to his love asking her to prepare hot water for his shower as he is on his way home with a surprise.

He even goes ahead to tell her that she should also be ready to receive him in a special way.This that he even asks her to where her best clothes.


He gets all poetics in the second verse saying,“…Nguru usimtoe chumvi ndio ladha yake, muunge tu nipe na chuzi na nyama yake, eeeh kula ya mbuzi ni kamba yake, ye kingamuzi ni dishi lake….”

Yes I am also trying to get the deeper meaning of that but whatever it means I’d fall in love with him too. Furthermore “Tamba” is descriptive that I hope many men chose for a wedding reception for their brides.

As we wait for the video I believe this going to top the charts for a while. The Lizer Classic mixed track also has a tune of few sampled beats of previous songs and that just shows how he is the genius of music.

Listen and tell us what you think.

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