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Mbosso reveals why Diamond’s WCB is so important to him

October 07, 2019 at 09:17
Mbosso reveals why Diamond's WCB is so important to him

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has revealed why he has been a true Wasafi Records die-hard and hasn’t had a bad thing to say about the record label.

Despite the recent grumbling that has been surrounding the record label, Mbosso revealed that he can’t ignore the value WCB has added in his life, therefore, he has never thought about leaving the record label.

“Watu hawaelewi tu, ngoja niwape siri! Katika kipindi ambacho WCB inanichukua, kulikuwa hakuna mtu anayenihitaji yaani hakuna mtu aliyekuwa anaamini ndani ya Mbosso, WCB ikanichukua na kufanya asilimia kubwa ya watu kuniamini,” said Mbosso.


This is something most of WCB members have said in their interviews. Even Harmonize who has now left the label has always insisted over and over again how Diamond changed his life by trusting him and guiding him in the business.


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