MC Gogo Explains Why He Keeps Off Alcohol & Women Despite Hosting Several Parties

In a recent interview with Mungai Eve, popular MC Gogo revealed the challenges of his energetic job. One of the biggest? Pressure to drink alcohol while performing.

Gogo, known for his youthful energy, emphasizes his strict discipline. He avoids alcohol because it hinders his performance and clashes with his work ethic.

“Too much of anything is bad,” he says, comparing excessive partying to inefficiency at work.

He also advises not taking negativity from the audience personally.

“They’re intoxicated,” he explains, “they wouldn’t say that sober.”

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However, Gogo admits the attention can be tempting. He acknowledges the advances from women in the crowd, even those offering expensive gifts. He brushes it off with humor,

“They love me, even the mamas with Range Rovers!” He did experience a fake booking attempt, but takes it in stride.

The secret to his signature voice? Believe it or not, a cold Coca-Cola (though he prefers water most of the time). It seems even the wildest party MC has his healthy habits!

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