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MCA Tricky Exposes Butita For Lying About His New Car

March 15, 2023 at 15:34
MCA Tricky

Recently Butita came out on social media to claim that he had bought a new Jaguar vehicle.


Eddie Butita Overjoyed after Acquiring KSh 5m Jaguar: "Ni ...

As is tradition, he was hiding the number plate from us NTSA detectives, but his close friend and fellow comedian MCA Tricky has solved the mystery on our behalf:

Ati Butita amenunua nini? Gari? Wapi? Gari gani? Ati gari ya pesa ngapi? 5 million? Hakuna haja ukose kuenda mbinguni Butita sababu ya gari tu… mbinguni hatutatumia gari


Causing laughter among the press attending the interview

“Butita? Gari ya 5 million? Ata gari yenyewe itakataa kuwaka. Punguza pressure msee, you’ll get there.”


Here is the video of the precise moment:


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